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Mydax’s New CryoDax Chillers Are Meeting the Cooling Challenges of New Emerging Markets

By Brandon Hall

As the world shifts away from fossil fuels and towards renewable sources of energy, new technologies are fueling new markets.

One such source of energy is hydrogen. Powering fuel cells to generate electricity, hydrogen is an environment friendly alternative to other means of electric generation since its byproduct is pure water.

An exciting application […]

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Mydax Pushes the Limits of Precision Temperature Stability Control

By Brandon Hall

Mydax has successfully designed, developed, and delivered three custom refrigeration chillers that utilize ultra-precision temperature control to Lyncean Technologies, Inc.

Lyncean Technologies, in Palo Alto, CA, developed the technology for a new local synchrotron X-ray source based on research at the SLAC National Laboratory and Stanford University. By using laser pulses to […]

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