Mydax Cooling Uit
Mydax takes great pride in providing timely, informative and friendly customer support.

Post-sales service support is available from our Service Department. Email our Service Department at Or, call during normal business hours (8:00-4:30 Pacific Time)



If you have a technical question concerning the features of your Mydax liquid chiller system, you may wish to contact our Engineering department at our main office during normal business hours (8:00-4:30 Pacific Time)


Mydax offers FREE Remote Control / Data Retrieval Programs to control Mydax Chiller operation and collect important system information from our chiller systems. This information is collected via Serial communication using RS-232 on a PC connected to a Mydax Chiller. Chiller operational data can be E-mailed to Mydax for evaluation if needed.

The Opdax Remote, Windows compatible RS-232 Serial Remote Control / Temperature Ramping / Data Logging software for Mydax chiller systems that utilize Opdax controllers FREE of charge.

For more information and FREE download, please visit: Opdax Remote

Previous generation Mydax controllers (non touch-screen) users can utilize our MydaxRemote program.

If Mydax service personnel direct you to record this diagnostic data, first review our guide: Mydax Remote Troubleshooting Instructions, then download the Mydax Trial Remote Control Data Retrieval Program.

More information on our chiller system controllers: