Mydax custom designs and manufactures every process cooling liquid chiller temperature control system to directly meet their customer’s needs, whether it’s a one of a kind custom chiller or 100+ OEM systems.

With a wide selection of Advanced Temperature Control Technology products, Mydax has a solution for your industrial liquid chiller and heater needs. Mydax designs are also available as Multi Channel Chiller Systems for a smaller footprint and an economical solution for multiple cooling loop applications where 1, 2, 3 or more temperature control loops are needed.More info >
Mydax Recirculating Liquid Chiller / Heater Process Control products are used in a variety of applications. Our precision heat transfer fluid temperature control cooling systems are used in many industries. Process control fluid temperatures available as low as -70°C (-94° F) or colder.More info >
Post-sales service support is available from our Service Department. Email our Service Department at Or, call during normal business hours (8:00-4:30 Pacific Time)More info >