When quality, reliability and performance count, turn to Mydax. When your temperature control needs have special requirements, interfaces and demands, Mydax has the answers. Mydax custom designs and manufactures every temperature control system to directly meet their customer’s needs, whether it’s a one of a kind custom chiller or 100+ OEM systems.

Mydax stands apart from other chiller manufacturers by providing the elite chiller system on the market, utilizing patented proportional refrigeration control, rugged tubular steel frames, brazed piping and state of the art touchscreen controls. Expert use of flowmeters, pressure transducers, pulse width modulated valves and variable frequency drives allow precise temperature and fluid flow control.

Long term system performance is insured by incorporating high quality components and decades of experience. Thorough system testing and a dedicated support team utilize built in diagnostic and safety devices to keep all recirculating chiller systems performing to design specifications for years. Made in USA.


Low Temperature Chillers

Mydax CryoDax 16 Very Low Temperature Thermal Regulation Liquid Chiller TCU Temperature Control Unit
Mydax CryoDax 40 Ultra Low Temperature Industrial Process Cooling Chiller System

CryoDax Very Low Ultra Low near Cryogenic temperature Industrial Chillers

Temperature Stability
Heat Transfer Fluid
-70° to
-94° to
302° F
500 W
to 90 KW
500 W
to 18 KW
±0.5° C ~ ±0.02° C or better Indoor or Outdoor
Air Cooled or Water Cooled
Galden, Fluorinert, Novec HFE, Syltherm, Silicone Oil


  • CryoDax series low temperature chillers have a wide temperature range available: -70°C to +150°C with a single fluid and recirculating loop. Extended temperature ranges available
  • Advanced Temperature Control Technology 0 to 100% proportional cooling and heating control
  • Capable of the largest cooling power available at temperatures below -40°C; unmatched in the industry
  • Excellent temperature control solution for Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Vacuum Chamber Applications
  • High precision temperature stability
  • Featuring Stainless Steel, Leak-Free Seal-less pumps
  • Multi Channel Liquid Chiller Systems available for smaller footprint and economical solution for multiple cooling loop applications
  • Modular and Multiple Compressor designs available for more total system cooling power
  • High Reliability, Patented Refrigeration Technology