Mydax water cooled process cooling industrial chiller systems - Quality, Reliability and Performance


A water cooled chiller system is generally the least expensive option for industrial fluid temperature control systems, while being space saving and efficient when a source of water is available for cooling the refrigeration system condenser. These water-cooled chiller systems can be designed as indoor or outdoor units; heat rejected by the refrigeration system goes to the building chiller or facilities water.

Mydax liquid chiller systems utilize our patented proportional refrigeration control, rugged tubular steel frames and touchscreen controls along with leak free pumps, process fluid flowmeters, stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers and all brazed copper piping. Each system undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing with system documentation and performance graphs provided.

Available extreme temperature stabilities of ±0.05°C for critical applications, even with high cooling power requirements up to 70kW, Mydax is bringing laboratory precision to the industrial market.

Mydax designs can also include multi channel, independently temperature controlled cooling / heating loop applications where 1, 2, 3 or more recirculating temperature control loops are needed from one liquid chiller system.

If your application requires very low heat transfer fluid temperatures (below -40°C) our CryoDax Low Temp Chillers would be a great solution.

If facilities water isn’t available, we suggest the use of an Air Cooled Chiller system.