CryoDax Low Temperature Process Cooling Liquid Chiller Systems for heat transfer fluid temperature control CryoDax X Very Low Temperature Process Cooling Liquid Chiller Systems for heat transfer fluid temperature control

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Mydax CryoDax & CryoDax X
Very Low Temperature Liquid Chiller / Heater Systems

With over three decades of experience and refinement of low temperature liquid chiller / heater systems, Mydax has designed the CryoDax series of chillers to provide Quality, Reliability and Performance for demanding industrial temperature control applications.

With a temperature range of -85°C to +80°C standard for CryoDax X models (-70°C to +80°C CryoDax models) and large cooling capacities at low temperatures, CryoDax X and CryoDax chiller systems offer industrial temperature control solutions for Extraction, Hydrogen Fueling, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Custom applications.

CryoDax and CryoDax X Very Low Temperature Chiller systems are an excellent choice for Extraction Chiller Applications that require high cooling capacity at low temperatures.

Our CryoDax H2 systems are designed specifically for Hydrogen refueling precooler applications.

Like all Mydax chiller systems, our CryoDax low temperature liquid chiller systems utilize our Advanced Temperature Control Technology 0 to 100% proportional cooling and heating control, rugged tubular steel frames and touchscreen controls along with leak free pumps, process fluid flowmeters, stainless steel brazed plate heat exchangers and all brazed copper piping. Each system undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing with system documentation and performance graphs provided.

CryoDax systems include UL-508A Industrial Control panels and are ETL listed.

  • Wide Chiller temperature range available: -85°C to +150°C with a single fluid and recirculation loop!
  • High quality, reliability and performance
  • Capable of the largest cooling power available at temperatures below -40°C; unmatched in the industry!
  • Industrial cooling capabilities for cannabis / hemp / CBD / THC extraction and other applications where reliability is paramount!
  • Precision temperature stability and very cold near cryogenic temperatures!
  • Featuring Stainless Steel, Leak-Free Seal-less pumps
  • Multi Channel Systems for smaller footprint and economical solution for multiple cooling loop applications!
  • Modular designs available for easy additon of more total system cooling power!
  • Multiple compressor systems available for more low temperature cooling power!
  • Reliable design with over 25 years product experience!