Mydax Advanced Temperature Control Technology Custom Recirculating Chiller System


Above all, Mydax specializes in custom refrigerated chiller products. We have our liquid chiller system designs in everything from Navy submarines to Air Force cooling carts, Semiconductor process equipment, FCEV Hydrogen Refeuling Stations and Bio-Pharmaceutical OEM process control systems. Mydax’s patented precision “Advanced Temperature Control Technology” allows for full proportional cooling from 0 to 100% load.

Mydax can design any shape to fit around your equipment, pump selections to meet all your needs, air-cooled, water-cooled, multiple cooling loops — Mydax can do it all!

Special interface requirements, digital or analog, pump output heat transfer fluid flow and pressure control, temperature cycling and ramping all available.

  • Difficult, demanding applications where generic off the shelf chillers won’t get the job done
  • Mydax Advanced Temperature Control Technology  0 to 100% proportional cooling and heating control
  • Precision temperature stability
  • Wide temperature range available: -80°C to +150°C with a single fluid and recirculating loop
  • 500 W to 90 KW system cooling power available
  • Multi Channel Systems for smaller footprint and economical solution for multiple cooling loop applications!
  • Special fluid handling (materials, pumps, filtration)
  • High reliability
  • Both heating and cooling
  • Mydax can customize any system design for your needs
Mydax Low Temperature Custom Liquid Chiller with parallel compressors

Mydax Low Temperature Custom Chiller system with parallel compressors rated at 12,900 Watts of cooling at -45°C with 25 GPM @ 20 PSI Dow Syltherm HF Silicone Oil. This Water Cooled Chiller is seen in an early stage of QA Test.
Mydax Custom Liquid Chiller System with 3 independent cooling loops

Mydax Custom Liquid Chiller system with 3 independent temperature controlled loops. Outdoor Rated Water Cooled Chiller system rated at 8,000 Watts of cooling at 20°C in each loop simultaneously with each loop supplying 6 GPM @ 140 PSI of PAO oil.
  • Multi-Loop: 1, 2, 3 or more independent channels
  • Air or Water Cooled Condenser
  • Indoor or Outdoor operation

Many Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) coolants available, incuding:

  • Galden and H-Galden by Solvay Solexis (Ausimont)
  • Fluorinert and Novec HFE Heat Transfer Fluids by 3M
  • Syltherm HF / Syltherm XLT Silicone Oil by DOW Chemical
  • Deionized Water
  • Deuterium Oxide
  • PAO Oil Royco 602 MIL-PRF-87252
  • Water / Glycol