Mydax Recirculating Liquid Chiller / Heater / Process Cooling Applications - Quality, Reliability and Performance. Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF / Brine / Coolant) thermoregulation temperature control.

Mydax provides a unique solution to many liquid chiller system temperature control applications. With the ability to provide extreme temperature stabilities of ±0.05°C for critical circulator applications, even with high cooling power requirements up to 70kW, Mydax is bringing laboratory precision to the industrial market.

All Mydax systems utilize our patented Advanced Temperature Control Technology 0 to 100% proportional cooling and heating control.

Mydax also offers the CryoDax series of chiller systems for the most demanding requirements with Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF / Brine / Coolant) temperature ranges of -85°C to +150°C with cooling capacities from 2kW up to 16kW or more @ -50°C available.

Mydax specializes in custom designs including multi channel, independently temperature controlled cooling / heating circulator loop applications where 1, 2, 3 or more recirculating temperature control loops are needed from one portable liquid chiller system.

If you need assistance, please call or email us, our team of sales and design engineers are happy to help.

Mydax Recirculating Liquid Chiller / Heater / Process Cooling Temperature Control products are used in a variety of applications. Our precision fluid temperature control systems are used in industries such as: