The Mydax Controller

Mydax Controller 502

The Mydax controller is fundamentally the heart of the chiller/heater. Developed in conjunction with our first patents, nearly 20 years ago, the controller has remained state-of-the-art. Some of its capabilities are:

  • measures temperatures with 0.05°C precision
  • (precision of as low as 0.001°C available)
  • monitor and control the refrigeration system
  • analog or digital voltage input and outputs
  • friendly and flexible user-interface
  • RS-232 standard; options for GPIB (IEEE-488) and RS-485
  • Displays: Setpoint and Fluid Temperatures and Flow Rate
  • Diagnostics Displays include up to 10 additional system temperatures, the refrigerant pressure, internal control parameters, drive signals, and more.

Download the Mydax Controller Literature (pdf)